Women for Women Social and Development Association

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Thanks to your support, the petition we helped Aberash launch to advocate for the release of the United States Global Strategy to Empower Adolescent Girls, was successful. Over 156,000 people signed our petition and we are truly grateful. Now, we are asking our community of supporters to contribute towards raising $50,000 for Aberash’s new nonprofit Women for Women Social and Development Association (WWSDA). The work of WWSDA will focus on alleviating the burdens of women and girls in the rural areas of Ethiopia. The specific objectives of the new organization include:

  • to reduce prevalence of child marriage
  • to reduce violence against women and girls
  • to encourage and support rural girls to participate in education

We hope you will consider contributing to Aberash’s effort by making a tax-deductible donation below. 100% of your donations will go towards supporting this important work.